Thank you for your interest in tutoring middle and high school age students, grades 6-12. Volunteers are stakeholders and decision makers in our community. We need your life and work experience, creativity, education, talent, inspiration, and time. Our volunteers tutor from the comfort of your home or camper (if you are retired) computer. In an urgent response to the COVID-19 crisis, only online tutoring is offered for the current 2020-2021 academic year. Of the 13,000 students in Santa Fe, 80% are Hispanic or Latino. Spanish speaking tutors are in high demand in the greater Santa Fe region and all of New Mexico.

On every online tutoring session, there is one adult to tutor, and a 2nd adult to monitor and record the sessions audio and video. We provide our volunteers with an orientation, training, and support as needed.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like a further explanation about our volunteer program. We also have other volunteer positions needed to be filled that may interest you if tutoring is not your first preference.

Volunteer Onboarding Process:

  1. Application: Submit your basic contact information with the fillable form on this web page found below.
  2. Background Check: We will contact you for an introduction to our program. If you are still interested, you will be emailed an internet link to logon on to our background clearance portal where all your personal information is secured. Our offices do not retain your personal identifying information. You will create a logon with our background clearance provider. The cost of your background check is $21.95 payable and charged to your credit or debit card at time of logging on to authorize your background check.
  3. Video Interview: After you have completed this background check process, it takes approximately 3 to 5 business to receive notification that your background check is completed. We will contact you for further screening, your resume, and an online interview.
  4. Volunteer Orientation: Every volunteer is required to attend our one hour online Volunteer Orientation & Training.
  5. Tutoring Match: You will be matched with your 2nd adult volunteer monitor who will record the session audio and video and your student.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Grant Writer
  • Private Donation Fundraiser
  • Partnerships Coordinator
  • Volunteer Recruiter & Coordinator
  • Marketing/Media Coordinator
  • Native American Pueblo Relations
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Program Designer
  • Board of Directors
  • Community Outreach (Spanish speaking)
This mock tutoring session is an example of how tutoring looks in practice.

Get in Touch

Ignited Minds Nonprofit
P.O. Box 8824
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

Thank you for your interest!

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