Thank you!

We at Ignited Minds would like to thank our angels who have donated time and money to advance our mission to provide free tutoring to New Mexican students.

Cindy Cotner: Cindy donated time designing curriculum. She is also the artist who created our beautiful logo.

Keith Crow: Keith helped us with our Happy Holidays! fundraising campaign.

Rochelle Follmer: Shellie helps us with grant writing.

Liane Pippin: Liane donates her time as our Public Information Officer, creating and publishing the communications that drives our nonprofit.

David Maestas, Esq.: David donates his time by advising the Executive Director on legal matters.

Sandra Candelari Randel: Sandra donates her time as our Board Treasurer advising the Executive Director on all financial matters. She also helps drive fundraising.

Dash Turner Maestas: Dash gave this nonprofit it’s name, Ignited Minds.

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