We tutors love working with our students. Occasionally students share their experience and satisfaction with our tutors and tutoring services. These kind and endearing messages remind us why we have chosen to work with young people in better understanding their school work and assisting them with completion of their assignments. They thank us tutors a lot, but we thank our students for making their education their top priority.

“Ignited Minds really helped me. I got tutored a day before my test and I blew through it the next day. – New Mexico School for the Arts 10th Grader (Geometry)

“I made a promise to myself, to you and the other tutors who have pushed me so hard. Ever since I met you I have been able to do more. I want to be a veterinarian. I want to help animals of all types. I love your help. Tutoring made a change in me and ignited my fire for learning. I want you to know I love your help. I will tell my story to others about you.  Thank you Ms. Liv. ” – Escalante Middle School, Chama 8th grader (Pre-Algebra)


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