Ignited Minds was founded in 2020 to provide students with additional, out-of-school academic support enabling them to succeed in school. We started out with just a handful of volunteers and students, but have now blossomed into a stable source of individualized tutoring for any student in New Mexico that seeks it. 

“I made a promise to myself, to you and the other tutors who have pushed me so hard. Ever since I met you I have been able to do more. I want to be a veterinarian. I want to help animals of all types. I love your help. Tutoring made a change in me and ignited my fire for learning. I want you to know I love your help. I will tell my story to others about you.” 
–Escalante Middle School, Chama
8th Grade (Pre-Algebra) Student

Ignited Minds provides FREE tutoring to New Mexico’s middle and high school students. This is all done through the work of our experienced volunteers.

We tutor all subjects, as long as we can find a volunteer tutor that is comfortable with that subject. 

Our tutoring sessions are scheduled once per week with the student. We operate during the school year. The sessions are scheduled at the same time each week, allowing the student to build structure and habits into their schedules that will lead them to greater academic success. 

All of our sessions are conducted virtually using a secure, online video platform. 

The truth of the matter is that we believe all students deserve an environment that will allow them to flourish academically. Individualized tutoring sessions provide the student a designated space to work alongside the tutor to understand difficult concepts. Our students have gone on to do incredible things. In the past year, many of our students had failing grades before seeking tutoring with Ignited Minds. After their time with us, all of our students were passing those classes and majority of them even had A’s and B’s. 

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