College Readiness Center

Hear from one of our Ignited Minds Alum

One of our previous students, Kayleigh, began working with Ignited Minds for Geometry and Chemistry assistance. She soon became one of our very first participants in the College Readiness Center. With the help of her tutor, Kayleigh grew her SAT score drastically and won a National Achievement Scholarship.

Our students are stellar. With commitment and determination, as well as the steady support of a tutor, they can accomplish whatever they set their minds on.

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We want to help you prepare for your college entrance exams!

If you are a junior in high school preparing to apply for college, you may know how important the SAT and ACT are for a competitive application. Tackling a strategy to study for the exam can be tricky to do alone, so we want to support you alongside your journey studying. Khan Academy has a free platform to prepare for the College Entrance Exams. Once you are enrolled in that, one of our volunteers will meet with you weekly to help you practice for the exam, all for FREE, of course.

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Application Review

Need help reviewing your application for college or scholarships?

We provide FREE individualized application review for high school students in New Mexico. We will arrange a 1 hour review session at your convenience with one of our Ignited Minds College Readiness Advisors. If more time is needed to help you craft your most competitive application, we will continue the sessions weekly until you are finished.

Email us at for more information about our College Readiness Center today.

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