Our mission: to provide free tutoring.

Our values: to respect and honor every student.

Our vision: to fill the urgent online learning needs.

Chama Schools & Ignited Minds Partnership
Ignited Minds has partnered with Chama Valley Independent School District to provide class integrated online tutoring to middle and high school students for the 2020-21 academic year. The objective of our partnership is to enhance student engagement and to provide assistance to teachers by working with their small groups or individual students who need extra and individualized attention. Our volunteer tutors are doing a fantastic job!

Individual Online Tutoring
 Students are self, family or teacher referred to our individual private online tutoring program. Our volunteer tutors work 1:1 with students on a weekly basis. Tutors spends 30-40 minutes with their student helping them to grasp and master a concept towards homework or project assignment completion.

Volunteer Tutors
Our volunteer corps is comprised of generous adults who are highly educated, talented and professional. All have years of professional experience in their specialties. They give donate a couple of hours to our organization on a weekly basis for an entire academic year. We could not serve the students and teachers without them. Learn more about our tutors.
Our staff is small but hard working. Our director of curriculum, Cindy Cotner, was an English Language Arts teacher for nearly 30 years. She designs one page “Take Aways” on essay writing for tutors to help students learn concepts, and for the student to take away as a reference to apply after their tutoring session. Cindy designs tutoring training curriculum. Cindy designed our eye catching logo.

Our public information officer, Liane Pippin of the Cherokee Nation, is solely responsible for recruitment of tutors and students. She designs and publishes all communications across social media with beautiful images and messages that attract our talent. She is completing her last year of a communications degree. 

I am the executive director who founded Ignited Minds in response to the urgent need to help students successfully navigate online learning. Learn more about our Dream Team.
We Need Your Support!
We have expenses associated with providing free online tutoring to young people and we need your financial support: 
*$1,897 for our annual premium
*Recurring technology subscriptions
* Staff salaries
Fortunately we have no liabilities. We have no building leases because we all work remotely from our homes and provides us cost savings for delivering excellent services. Our commitment is to deliver tutoring 100% online until 2022. Thereafter, we will begin to assess if it is safe to add in-person tutoring while retaining our online services.

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