Tutoring Technology For New Mexico Students

Visit our AmazonSmile Charity List of technology items students need for online learning. Students who live in rural areas have limited access to technology. You can purchase these items as a donation to our nonprofit and we will disburse them to students with the highest needs based on economic need.

For every purchase you make at AmazonSmile, Ignited Minds nonprofit receives 5% of your purchase. Simply visit to register Ignited Minds as your preferred charitable organization.

You can copy the following message to sends to friends and family to help them find Ignited Minds on AmazonSmile and register us as their preferred charitable organization:

“Dear friends and family,

I believe in and support a New Mexico nonprofit charitable organization called Ignited Minds. I would like to ask that you give your support to Ignited Minds. This organization is doing great work helping New Mexican middle and high school students. The following is their mission, values and vision statements:

  • Our mission is to provide free tutoring to advance students’ academic learning.
  • Our values are that we respect and honor every student’s learning needs, process and style.
  • Our vision is to fill the urgent online learning needs during the COVID-19 crisis, and to add in-person tutoring at the school sites after COVID-19 has safely passed.

Ignited Minds provides free online tutoring to students. They have a strong and highly qualified volunteer corps who tutor. This nonprofit needs your help. They rely on private donations to provide this free service to students, who otherwise could not afford a private tutor. Please go to and pick Ignited Minds of Santa Fe, New Mexico as your preferred charity so they can receive 5% of your purchase price to support their good work.


[Your name]”

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